Melissa Robinson is registered with the State of Oregon as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor and Return to Work specialist, with certification as a Global Career Development Facilitator. Prior to embarking on this path in 2012, Melissa had over 10 years of recruitment experience. She conducts employer outreach, oversees all referrals and activities, performs direct coaching and mentoring of clients, and leads the overall strategy for each client. When not working, Melissa enjoys time with her family and friends, travel, and learning. Currently she is studying Italian, art history and high performance principles.

Eliana Mason is our client facing employment specialist who focuses on helping clients move forward in their employment progress. This includes sending job leads, following up on “to dos”, and making sure they have all of the tools necessary to be successful. When not working, Eliana enjoys reading, spending time with her dogs, and doing fun activities with family and friends. Currently she is a member of the USA Women’s National Goalball team, training to go to the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics. In the 2016 Paralympics, Eliana was a member of the USA Women’s National Goalball team and brought home the bronze medal. 

Karina Wargowsky is our business facing employment specialist and focuses on reaching out to businesses identified as targets for our clients. She presents our client’s profiles, promotes work experience, job shadows, informational interviews, and schedules appointments for clients to meet with employers.

Kali Giaritta is an employment specialist whose focus is helping clients to develop and refine their job search skills such as interviewing and networking. Kali leverages her knowledge of the employment market to assist clients in making employer connections and works with clients to help them build confidence so that they can present their best and most authentic self in the job search.

Chris Bruinenberg is an accessibility specialist who teaches our clients job related technology skills such as how to fill out an application using a screen reader, how to use google drive to track job search activities, how to attach a resume and cover letter to an email, etc. The accessibility specialist also works with employers to test accessibility of software and systems specific to a client. Additionally, Chris serves as an employment specialist ensuring our clients are progressing towards their goals with weekly check ins.