You have a yearning for the greater happiness and success that you know is possible for you. The highest performers work with a coach to teach them the advanced techniques that are required to bring them to that next level and beyond.

Melissa Robinson offers a holistic approach to career coaching that seeks to not only catapult your career, but also enhance all your life arenas. Utilizing a scientifically proven curriculum, Melissa walks you through guided brainstorming sessions to turn your hopes into actions that will empower you to fulfill your dreams.

Just looking for tools to secure your dream job? Our team offers the full range of vocational services on a private pay basis including resume writing, interview skills training, cover letter training, job search strategy development and even career exploration for those looking for a change. Because of our background in workers compensation, individuals who are newly disabled, and new graduates, our expertise lends itself to helping people in career transition.

We look forward to hearing from you! Send us a message below and let’s explore how we can help you. We offer both group and individual coaching packages.

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